walimatulurus..wink2~~ (+_+)

  • d pr0posal
  • engagement
  • l0t's of d RING..ngee~~
  • venue
  • my beautiful dress (sh0uld b in 0range o Red o Purple??)
  • guest list
  • d invitati0n
  • peekture!
  • my h0ney 2 bee - s0me childho0d mem0ries, pictures which later on can be put inside ur slidesh0w..
  • make me pretty plizz...lists 0f things i need like makeup artist, veil, acces0ries & s0 on..
  • d last week as "Miss FATEHAH ELIA" - things that i wanna d0 with my cl0se frenz esspecially d 0ther & notes fr0m them b4 i bec0me Mrs. SUBRI..heheeh~~wink2**
  • d DAY!!!!!!!!

but when ya??huhu~~lalalaal~ (^_^)

l0t's 0f l0ve..


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